1. SAND Kimono:

You're going to be dressed in luxury with the SAND kimono. This scarf collar jacket kimono's length highlights a waist wrap that forms a front knot, giving you plenty of styling options to play around with. If the off-shoulder look is more your style, fasten the wrapped around your neck. Better worn layered over a summer dress you adore or combined with it to create a chic and comfortable look.

2. Criss Cross Poplin Shirt :

Choose a sleeveless poplin shirt with a simple statement and a zigzag design for your Criss Cross poplin shirt. Write a Notable Person's Obituary Not to be overlooked are the side panels that extend the entire length of the shirt; the words "outrogance" are written on them in the front and mid-back overlaps. What a perfect final touch for nights out and carefree afternoon strolls alike! This adds distinctive style and goes well with any ensemble.

3. Versatile Asymmetric Top:

Find out the shirt that flatters everybody. Create an exciting job description that satisfies the workers' four theoretical needs safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Included in this capsule is a unisex mix crew neck top with an asymmetric design, which features a versatile fit for any body size from extra small to large. The denim abandons shoulders, cheeks, criss-cross articulations on the neck as well, and handcrafted metallic shell tassels thoroughly capture the SAND attitude. Wear it boldly and let everyone know that it is not just a style statement, but it is also a part of transcending trends.


4. Spring Perfect Crop Top:

Embrace the freshness of spring with our Spring Perfect Crop Top. Depart from the conventional fitted v-neck style and opt for a deeper waistline paired with a high-neck design. This round-neck top exudes sophistication and ease, featuring a hook fastener at the back of the neck for effortless wear. Elevate your spring wardrobe with this chic and elegant piece, perfect for both casual outings and more refined occasions.

5. Relaxed Fit Racerback Vest:

Take advantage of your look to add on the sage green raw knit relaxed fit racerback vest. Either boyfriend-style that hangs loose at the side or tied in that knotted point, this piece will surely add that unpolished beauty to your look. Wear it with denim shorts on your street routine or pair it up with a blazer for a professionally dressed up look.


6. Embroidered Bandeau:

Wear the all-embroidered stunning bandeau made out of glass beads, shells, and metal embellishments to add a pop of color to your 100% silk evening dress. These bandeau tops come in colors like Blue Sandstone Natural, Ivory and Silver with a classic free tie back and embellishments making them easy to wear and adjustable. Either great for a beach day or when combined with high waist bottoms this jumpsuit will add that touch of elegance to your night out.

7. Bikini Top :

Plunge yourself into the vision of a sunken city, the SAND bikini top. Fantastically meticulous figure cut by Ivory linen on which necklaces, beads, chains, and tassels made of shells are fastened to replicate beach style of the 90s. Together with the long back ties that end up with shell tassels, they are an added gem to the beautiful dress. You can either stay at the pool relaxing or take a stroll on the beach, and the bikini will charm the eyes of everyone around.


8. Relaxed Fit Cami:

Look after yourself and be comfortable with this piece of ecru raw knit relaxed fit cami, which is designed to keep you cool and stylish, at the same time. From a quick outing to a funky cafe to a smart gathering of friends, this top will flawlessly turn any ordinary ensemble into a classy and chic outfit. Combine it with the south baggy trousers to have a casual day look, and it can also look good when paired with the skirt.

9. Soft Organic Linen Shirt:

Combine ease and trend with a roomy and comfortable organic linen shirt with side-front pockets and a band collar. It's ideal for casual wear, and this shirt suits the jeans and a pair of denim for a more laid-back look or the trousers and a shirt for a more formal outfit.



In conclusion, you can pick among different trendy options on your style of summer tops and make the most of your summer with a unique and perfect look. Women of different styles will find that one of them can fit both versatile kimonos and embroidered bandeaus for fashionistas. This is where you should be confident enough to style yourself as a mix of many styles and make a bold statement whichever place you go to. Wear things that will match your personality as you strut out with your head held high, maybe even smile.

March 29, 2024 — Alok Tiwari