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As a conscious luxury label, SAND clothing uses fabrics made from Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Rose, Soybean Protein and Banana along with Organic Linens, Cottons and Luxe Jerseys. Summer lines keep your body cool and breathing in the sweltering heat and winters feature the finest cashmere and pashmina to keep you snug and stylish.


Raffia is a natural fibre, obtained from the dried leaves of raffia palms. Its soft in nature and commonly used in making baskets or hats. Creatively intrigued by nature of this fibre, for the very first time, SAND has worked with a cluster of women artisans, vocationally trained in raffia weaving by hand knotting strands of raffia to create bandeaus, jumpsuit and dresses.


We wanted to create a fabric that was a translation of the subtle shine of the golden hour on the island. A beautiful lustre, that reflected through the clothes you wear. After months of working with the mills we present to you our newest ‘Double Metallic Sheen Linen Blend’ with the properties of 57% Cupro, 25% Linen, 17% Metallic.

A new blend of linen, with a glass like finish and a smooth hand feel, its fuller bodied yet flows effortlessly. Its micro lustre can be witnessed very closely and with the movement of your outfit.


A composition of 50% linen yarn, 30% jute yarn and 20% cotton yarn, the SAND Mélange linen is weighted and has a soft jute like hand feel. The textured surface and variation of earthy tones makes it a beautiful fabric to create unique, impactful pieces of clothing.


After 4 months of tests and trials on bit looms and constant workshops with our weavers, we bring you a brand new custom SAND fabric- the Seersucker Cotton. A personality of 195 GSM, the fabric has a soft hand feel and crinkled texture that feels beautiful and breathable on the body.


95% Linen 5% Metallic Yarn, 40 Lea yarn. Introducing a brand new custom linen variant carefully crafted in 120 GSM with delicate metallic threads running through the yarn that gives your linen a soft glow. Its lightweight, breathable and unique. This fabric has been specially constructed for SAND by Shirin by our weavers, after several challenges to bring something unique and beautiful for our patrons.


Our winter collection is made in 100% wool, which is lightweight, super soft, non itchy on the skin.

SAND uses variations in the weave pattern and density of this wool, ranging from small herringbone weaves for the jumpsuits, wide chevron weave in light weight for the scarves and crepe weave which is heavier for the pants and lowers.

The wool fabric is warm, flowy with high comfort value.


Fair Trade Certified by Ecological Plant Fiber Certification

Annex to Certificate no. EPFC No-475943-488322

Derived from the flax plant, its cooling properties make this fabric a desirable option in warm weather conditions. Linen rejects heat retention and dries faster than its other peer fabrics, with a high absorbing character making it an ideal pick for sweltry temperatures.

Against the popular opinion of Linen being stiff, SAND linens are processed to achieve utmost lightness and softness, with a hand feel of cotton derivatives, yet retaining its formal look.

One of our favorite fabrics, SAND uses variants of linen density, textures and gauges for our fluid fits. Our Tulum Dress, Milano Set, Osaka Set and Cape Town Co ords are all beautiful variants of linen


Impressive variant of cotton, Moss is a crimped, textured fabric created by using high twisted yarns and special weaves, that gives us a puckered, crinkle look.

Fluid in nature, sheer in character and friendly on skin, SAND Moss is one of the most loved fabrics to bring that casual chic look to our silhouettes.


Fair Trade Certified by Ecological Plant Fiber Certification. Annex to Certificate no. EPFC No-475943-488322

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used in warm temperatures. A soft, breathable textile, cotton is soft and fluffy with cooling properties. Its lightweight and airy texture makes this textile a first choice in the summers.

India is the largest producer of cotton in the world, and our close proximity of the spins, has given SAND the opportunity to experiment and achieve some unique, extraordinary variants of cottons like – Pima, Gauze, Moss, Poplin and Double Lawn among others.

Our Bordeaux sets, Seoul Shirt, Amalfi Jumpsuit etc are all styles made in cotton variants.


The soybeans contain natural fibers that are spun with cotton to make this luxurious fabric. Known to be rich in amino acids, not only is this fabric cooling to the skin, but also has a silk soft hand feel and its fluid nature drapes like a dream on the body.

Our jumpsuit stands to witness this beautiful character of this superior fabric.


The Aloe Vera plant is known to have soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties that heals burns and fights against skin damage.

Made of 97% water and the leaf itself contains essential nutrients, active compounds and vitamins, which is extracted to be blended with organic cotton and made into fabric. 

This result blend is extremely soft, that treats your skin like that of a newborn.

Incorporating the medicinal values of the plant, the aloe fabric is lightweight and has a high absorption point, keeping the skin cool and bacteria free.


Roses are naturally known to have high antibacterial and cooling properties, which heal burns, keeping the skin cool and dry. The rose fabric is lightweight, and made by spinning the rose petals into short fibers.

Perfect for the summers, the Rose fabric is breezy and has a smooth, luxe hand feel with an artistic fall, making the silhouette of our ‘Montenegro’ pants truly beautiful.


Raw cotton knit fabrics in various patterns, not only adds a strong character to a design but their wide weave patterns also keep the skin aired and easy.

Made in three beautiful colours and three varied designs – the Montenegro, Maui and Florence, the tops are already gaining a lot of love.


Feather light ~ Fluid Fit ~ Glossy Touch

95% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex

The name SKINS comes from the nature of the fabric, which feels second to skin when worn.

SAND’s Luxe Jersey fabrics are sought out for their incredible creamy softness and anti shrinkage properties. Its prime uniqueness is its extremely breathable character yet an excellent moisture absorbing profile.

Our Micro Modal jersey sets its own league that makes this versatile luxe fabric an ideal pick for lounge wear, daily chores, formal dinners and holiday wear.

Certificate of Fabrics

Certificate of Fabrics

Certificate of Fabrics