Our first winter collection is a composition of well thought out fluid fit styles made in skin soft, light weight textured woolen abric, that is easy on your skin, yet cozy and stylish. Using our brand’s colour palette but in deeper warmer tones, our new transitional and multi functional jumpsuits, pants, overlays and kaftans come in warm sand, deeper natural, ivory, black and pink. Also extending our Sand Skin line with a collection of luxe lounge silhouettes in textured Oatmeal Linen Waffle, which are snug yet all season wear.

“Our clothes are our biggest body shamers. When we gain or lose weight, our clothing duly lets us know. With so many opinions on our bodies in the world, our clothes needn’t have one! Our clothes should make us feel confident, fierce and beautiful at all times.”

Founder & Creative Head



As a conscious luxury label, SAND clothing uses fabrics made from Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Rose, Soybean Protein and Banana along with Organic Linens, Cottons and Luxe Jerseys. Summer lines keep your body cool and breathing in the sweltering heat and winters feature the finest cashmere and pashmina to keep you snug and stylish.

Fluid Fits ~ Clean Lines ~ Flattering Silhouettes

SAND is an acronym for Such A Nice Day

A feeling of wearing a beautiful piece of clothing that will instantly brighten up your day. SAND is also the colour of the brand, representing beautiful textures, soft fabric grains and its cooling nature. 


After a year and a half of research and sampling, Shirin, ventures into the clothing space, with yet another fresh idea and a vision to create beautiful and clean clothes with
international silhouettes and accessories that will make women feel a lot more special. SAND by Shirin, re-envisions silhouettes with new mechanisms of carefully crafted draw strings and elastics, that will make your garment size fluid. With added or lost inches, the same SAND dress or jumpsuit should sit beautifully on your body.

Founder & Creative Head