EUNOIA Collection

EUNOIA SS 2022 in Ancient Greek means ‘Balance of mind and beautiful thinking’.

Cultivating that very thought, our new collection launches fresh colours – Terra Cotta, Sage Green & Soft Blue in relaxed and breezy new silhouettes for elevated casual style along with a new line of luxe occasion wear with flowing dresses, structured jumpsuits, and new bandeaus embellished in lustrous Czech glass beads in the Nordic style of design and patterns.


“Hygge” pronounced hyoo-guh — is Danish for warmth, cozy and comfortable.

A feeling that transcends from our new collection to your soul. The new winter collection introduces new cosy colours of Pine, Cinnamon and Night Blue along with our primary pallete with fluid yet snug silhouettes. Introducing woollen scarf co ords, SAND Trenches, beaded accents and outwear dresses that will transition beautifully and effortlessly from day to occasion wear.


After a year and a half of research and sampling, Shirin, ventures into the clothing space, with yet another fresh idea and a vision to create beautiful and clean clothes with international silhouettes and accessories that will make women feel a lot more special.

SAND by Shirin, re-envisions silhouettes with new mechanisms of carefully crafted draw strings and elastics, that will make your garment size fluid. With added or lost inches, the same SAND dress or jumpsuit should sit beautifully on your body.

Founder & Creative Head


As a conscious luxury label, SAND clothing uses fabrics made from Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Rose, Soybean Protein and Banana along with Organic Linens, Cottons and Luxe Jerseys. Summer lines keep your body cool and breathing in the sweltering heat and winters feature the finest cashmere and pashmina to keep you snug and stylish.

“Our clothes are our biggest body shamers. When we gain or lose weight, our clothing duly lets us know. With so many opinions on our bodies in the world, our clothes needn’t have one! Our clothes should make us feel confident, fierce and beautiful at all times.”

Founder & Creative Head


Fluid Fits ~ Clean Lines ~ Flattering Silhouettes

SAND is an acronym for Such A Nice Day

A feeling of wearing a beautiful piece of clothing that will instantly brighten up your day. SAND is also the colour of the brand, representing beautiful textures, soft fabric grains and its cooling nature. 

Making women look and feel beautiful

Every women has the right to look and feel beautiful. In this metaphorical(and literal, too) war to achieve beauty, clothes are meant to be our alliesand partners. SAND by Shirin was founded by Shirin Mann to fulfill hervision of creating beautiful clothes that make women feel good about themselves.

After a year and a half of research and sampling, Shirin, ventured into the clothing space, to create beautiful and clean clothes with international silhouettes along with accessories that will make women feel special. SAND by Shirin, re-envisions silhouettes with new mechanisms of carefully crafted draw strings and elastics, that make your garment size fluid. With added or lost inches, the same SAND dress or jumpsuit should sit beautifully on your body. This is the designethos that guides SAND by Shirin.

A range that covers all your worlds

No matter what occasion you need an outfit for, SAND has the right style for you. As far as casual women’s outfits go, our repertoire is select but amazingly contemporary and elegant. From work wear to party wear to beach wear dresses, women's resort wear and stylish ensembles that include various items of modern women’s dress needs, we cover it all. Our clean silhouettes, minimalist styles and fluid fits ensure that your clothes will always look good on you in the various body shapes and sizes our bodies go through in life. We want you to look your elegant best, always.

Our line of clothing looks good across events and geographies and,further, make for easy transitions from day to night and work to play.Our range of women’s designer dresses offer distinctive casual wear for women in cuts and styles that flatter slender as well as more full figures.That’s the magic of SAND.

We offer an amazing array of styles in women’s tops, ranging from bandeaus and bikinis to crop tops and longer flowy styles. Our playsuits and designer jumpsuits make an elegant statement of style and aesthetics. The dresses in our collections are unique in their cut and fits but also in the natural organic fabrics that are used, making them top notch in comfort and luxury.

Along with organic clothing, we also have a select range of accessories such as women’s headbands, comfy sandals that enable an easy mixand match of our casual wear for women.Be it an extra special first date, movie night or an afternoon lunch session with the girls, you have your bases covered. SAND also offers designer outfits for bridal showers, options for bridesmaid dresses,loungewear that’s a notch above the rest when it comes to style and comfort and stylish vacay wear that can easily be layered to suit any occasion.

Luxury wear in natural, organic fabrics

One of the most distinguishing features of any SAND ensemble is the use of spectacular fabrics that are carefully chosen for their fall,lightweight properties and breathability. This renders our outfits as among the most skin friendly and comfortable ever. Our fanatic attention to the kind of fabrics we employ, the silhouettes we create and the fitsthat we choose, all add to the legend that is SAND.

The range of exotic fabrics we use range from weaves such as poplins,luxe jerseys and satins to fabrics that incorporate rose, eucalyptus,bamboo, soy protein, banana and aloe vera, apart from organic cottonand linen. Our winter lines use pure wool, pashmina and cashmere toadd warmth and cosiness.

SAND is renowned for the fall and sheer grace of the fabrics we use inour outfits. This is possible only because of the dedicated testing we do,in order to ascertain the right kind of fabric to be used. Our fabrics notonly provide our garments with fall and fluidity but also with the texture ofvaried kinds. These act as a subtle patterned layer that enhances theappeal of each of our creations.

A subtle and soothing colour palette

Our organic clothing ranges from short dresses and cozy dresses towomen’s party wear that includes crop tops, bandeaus, bikinis andspaghetti strap women’s designer dresses, stylish women’s jumpsuits, wear jumpsuits, one shoulder tops or off shoulder tops as they arealso called, to playsuits and long, flowing modern women’s dresses aswell as lounge wear. Our select range of extremely trendy yet comfysandals are a great match with our unique clothing. The colours wefeature play a unique role in the story we tell.

SAND by Shirin prides itself on the sophisticated appeal of the colour palette that we deploy. Our range of colours has increased with thelaunch of our newer collections with more and more shades being addedto our family of muted tints.

The palest of monsoon blues, reminiscent of cloudy skies over a swirling ocean are now adorning our dresses and bandeaus. Ivory, simple andpristine has always been a favourite shade, whose brightness changeswith the fabric and weave employed. Poplin for example offers an ultrabright arctic white with a sheen whereas linen and organic cotton offer asofter shade yet equally a distinct pure white. Ecru is another shade thatwe love—quiet and subtle in its beauty.The colour of SAND Skin, soft sheen of our Asian skin tones and the richochres, beiges and browns continue to excite and thrill in our bodyfriendly patterns and designs.

A new addition has been an earthy, vibrant terracotta—a shade thatpulsates with the energy of earth and soil. Sage and mint are two of ourfave greens and we celebrate them in our various designs and fabrics.Our dusty pinks continue to grace your wardrobe as do our gorgeousmustards, rich and vibrant. Black never goes out of style and we featureit in all its designer beauty.Our accessories—footwear, belts and bands feature these shades inabundance with delicate embellishments designed to add even more handcrafted beauty to your style and give it additional style and sophistication.