Effortless Elegance: Get to Know Our Current Fashion Collections.

Give your mum the timeless glamor of our latest Modern Dresses line without any effort needed on her part! Seamlessly, each one of our dresses is tailored and customized to adapt to either a slender body or fuller one, and for any occasion. From off-shoulder long maxi dresses to more elaborate midi styles with elegant slits, her styles are catered to everyone when it comes to finding a perfect piece for your own taste.

Eco-Chic: Explore Our Luxurious Organic Jumpsuits

Organic jumpsuits from SandbyShirin are tailor-made for the eco-conscious mom who prioritizes sustainability without sacrificing style. Crafted from premium organic fabrics, these jumpsuits offer the perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and modern flair. Whether she's tackling her daily errands or socializing at a brunch with friends, our stylish jumpsuits will make her feel confident and chic while reducing her carbon footprint. Treat her to the luxury of eco-friendly fashion this Mother's Day with our collection of organic jumpsuits.

Embrace Her Goddess: Stunning Kaftan Dresses

Avail herself of a goddess within by selecting our collection of kaftan dresses that combine different eras and content mentality. The ideal outfit for lounging by the pool or sipping cocktails at sunset, these dresses perfectly capture the boho style. Their flowy mix, matched with airy fabric, makes her cool and comfortable in the warm summer breeze. Combining a bit of the mystical characteristics of those dresses will bring a flair of exotic flair.


Fashion Forward: Elevate with Co-ord Sets

Elevate her everyday style with our modern co-ord sets. Designed to make a statement without sacrificing comfort, these sets offer endless styling possibilities. From matching crop tops and skirts to coordinating blazers and trousers, mix and match pieces to create personalized looks that reflect her unique personality and taste. Perfect for the fashion-forward mom seeking versatility and sophistication in her wardrobe.

Luxury Crafted Belts: Transform her wardrobe to make her the happiest

Complete your look with our crafted designer belts that we made with our own hands out of the finest materials by veteran craftsmen. These belts embellished with intricate details are able to infuse an air of class to a look and outfit. In case of hanging of a dress on the waist line or styling of jeans, our belt is the ideal accessory , which perfectly presents your style with the ultimate chic look.



This time of the year, Women, women and see why their day a special focus on moms on the remarkable ladies in your life can also be the way you do it. Some who are doing SandbyShirin may have been in your family, learn how they can be rewarded. Be it classic important event dressing, modern fashion where she loves flaunting the latest dress in the market, kaftan dresses that bring out all her elegance, or even the cute co-ord sets; we have got them all in our best of range of choice. Demonstrate your gratitude toward her by selecting items which evoke her unique inner strength and commemorate her character. Don’t miss the chance to turn this Mother’s Day into her most beloved and memorable day by purchasing now and bestowing her with the priceless gift of making memories that will last her forever.

March 20, 2024 — Abu Saleh