1.Opt for Flowy Blouses:

Roomy & airy, our anti-fit collection of tops is here to make browsing through the warm weather days much more effortless.

We have laid out Bombay, Bordeaux & Bora Bora tops as the ideal candidate for our loose-fit wardrobe lovers. You can easily throw it on with your favourite light-washed denim, leggings or another pair of easy-going trousers ( see SAND bottoms ).

They can also act as the perfect swimwear layer throw-on for your beachy escapades, or as an everyday staple for sunny day outings.

2.Breezy Button-Down Shirts:

Button-down shirts are a classic wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. Whether you are looking for crisp, tailored shirt or a more soft, & relaxed sty;e, we have curated both for the purpose. Featuring our beloved Budapest Top & Sydney Shirt that can be buttoned up or down depending on your styling need.

Pair it as a layer over a bandeau/ crop top + shorts/ denim and play around with your accessories. Style this outfit with a baseball cap + sneakers and there you go! You have got a laidback look.

For a more refined look, opt in for minimal gold stud hoops, croissant ring & a watch with flats/ heels, there you re ready for manuevering date outings.

These buttoned shirts transcend each look with grace.

3.Embellished for special occasions :

Presenting true artisanal treats— Embellished bandeau & tops. A great way to show off your midriff and for adding some edge to your outfit. Each handcrafted with glass beads in shades that embrace light beautifully. Be it day or night, its uniqueness will make you stand out in elegance nonetheless.

Fish this one out whenever an announced party scene or a celebration calls up. These glinting beaded designs don’t compromise on the versatility factor. Though yes you’ll need to be a bit mindful on striking the right colours.

4.Ace it with Basics:

A great risk-free investment piece for your wardrobe- the sleeveless basics. Our tops come in both mid-rif showing & covering styles. The biggest advantage of basics- you don’t have to fret much about the outfit combination.

They perfect as lounging companions, & a casual wear for outings. Pair them with some high-waisted pants, shorts or a skirt for a chic and modern look.

Or, layer these top with a long-sleeved shirt or a blazer, and heels for a work wear approach. You can dress them up or down in mutiple ways and are a great way to stay cool in the summer while still looking fashionable

5.Classy Off-the-Shoulder Tops:

Off-shoulder tops are a great way to flaunt your shoulders and collarbones while still keeping it classy & sophisticated. Osaka Top from the SAND capsule functions in multiple ways. It transitions beautifully from being a sophisticated board room classic when its collars are pulled above ( pair it with the equally refined & easy going Osaka pants ) to an elegant date outfit when the collars are pulled down towards the shoulder ( pair with denim or skirt & beautiful pearl drop earrings ).

6.Long tunics to rescue :

Long, sleek & crisp defines our very selections for the season. Both the Cannes shirt & Seoul shirt are designed in clean modern age tunic styles. Both showcase beautiful partings & slits that billow dreamily with the wind.

The Seoul shirt is more reserved & modest but universally flattering ( the tie knot at the waist gives the cinched advantage ). Again it’s a style one would like to carry to all summer escapades. From vacations to sight seeing & a favourite workwear staple. They look good literally anywhere—huge plus point!

Style them the way you like. Just the way we have shown here with Cape Town pants or with your favourite denim, heels/ flats/ sneakers. Basically, anything!

They are bound to adapt to any situation ( with a little style sense of course! )

7.Perfect pairings!:

While you are covered with a wide selection of tops, don’t forget to look out at these perfect pairings— headbands, trousers & SANDals here!

To know more in-depth about the fabrics we craft your clothes from, visit here.

Voila! That completes our session on bringing just the summer styles you needed.

March 03, 2023 — ajay thakur