1. Casual Look:

For a casual look, an organic linen dress is a perfect pick for a chic yet comfortable look. Pair it with a pair of sneakers or sandals for a relaxed yet stylish look. You can also add a matching overlay for a smart touch, and a cross-body bag to keep your essentials close at hand. Accessorise your outfit with a pair of statement earrings or a necklace, and you're good to go.

2. Travel in Style:

Organic cotton and linen dresses are perfect for travelling, as they are lightweight and breathable. Choose a comfy dress that's easy to pack and won't wrinkle easily. Pair with comfortable shoes, such as flats or sneakers, and a tote bag for a hands-free option. A hat and sunglasses are also great accessories for travelling in style.

3. Comfy Wear:

Cotton dresses are known for their comfort, so why not make that the focus of your outfit? Choose a loose-fitting

Camisole tops with pants pair with comfortable shoes, such as sneakers or flat sandals. Accessorise with a simple pendant necklace and stud earrings for a laid-back look.

4. Stylish Dress:

For a stylish and on-trend look, choose an elegant dress with a unique detail, such as a ruffle or a cutout. Pair with statement jewellery and strappy sandals for a fashion-forward outfit. You can also add a wide-brimmed hat and classic sunglasses for a touch of glamour.

5. Dresses you can opt for:

Capri Dress: Easy Breezy-

Shirin's Capri dress is the perfect choice for a summer vacation or a day of sightseeing. With its relaxed fit and breathable fabric, you'll stay cool and comfortable all day long. These dress comes in a pastel colours, so you're sure to find one that suits your style.

Pair your Capri dress with a pair of white sneakers for a casual look or dress it up with a pair of strappy sandals. Add a linen overlay or a lightweight scarf for cooler evenings or to cover up in religious or conservative locations.

6. Kaftan Dress: Comfortable Elegance-

Kaftans have been a popular choice for travelers for centuries. Sand by Shirin Kaftan dresses take this traditional style to the next level with modern touches and high-quality fabrics. Made from soft, breathable cotton and linen, these kaftan dresses keep you cool and comfortable on long flights or hot days.

Pair your kaftan dress with a pair of comfortable sandals or flip-flops for a casual look. If you're looking for something dressier, add a pair of statement earrings and strappy heels to take your look from day to night.

7. Short Dresses: Versatile and Chic-

For a versatile and chic look, our short dresses are the perfect choice. These dresses come in a variety of styles and fabrics, from exotic naturals to organic linen and organic cotton, so you can find the perfect dress for any occasion.

Pair your short dress with a pair of white sneakers for a casual look or dress it up with a pair of heels. Add an overlay or denim or leather jacket for a more edgy look.

No matter which dress you choose, make sure to pack light and versatile accessories to complete your look. A cross-body bag, a wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of sunglasses are all great options for travel.

In conclusion, an organic fabric dress is a versatile and sustainable addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual, there are endless ways to style this wardrobe staple. Experiment with different accessories and shoe options to create your perfect look.


Q: How can I stay stylish while staying cool in the summer heat?

A: Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like organic cotton and linen, and choose silhouettes that allow for air flow. Consider accessorising with a colourful scarf or statement jewellery to add visual interest without adding layers. And don't forget to stay hydrated and protected from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen!

Q: What are some good colours to wear in the summer?

A: Light, bright colours are perfect for summer, as they reflect the sun's rays and help keep you cool. Think shades of white, cream, pastel pink, light blue, and earthy tones.

Q: What's a good travel outfit for summer?

A: A comfortable, versatile one-piece dress made from organic cotton or linen is a great option for travel. Pair it with comfortable sandals and a cross-body or tote bag for a chic and practical look that can take you from exploring a new city to a casual dinner.

April 06, 2023 — Kundan Sharma