Be it casual luncheons or fancy evenings out, women love to wear jumpsuits everywhere on such different occasions. Jumpsuits are suitable for different body shapes and sizes, which makes them a wonderful wardrobe choice for all women. Irrespective of body type or style preferences, women always find the best jumpsuit to match their needs.A casual jumpsuit is an easy summer essential that every woman should have in her closet. And for a more elegant look, try a party wear Jumpsuit like the Porto Jumpsuit, which is a statement piece that can be worn on special occasions, festivities or on your travels.


Isn't it easy to slip into a playsuit? With an array of options available, we find it hard to hide our love for playsuits.

SAND by Shirin hopes to inspire women to wear playsuits more often. Whether it's about looking holiday ready or getting ready for an important meeting, SAND by Shirin has a range of playsuits that are stylish enough to find space in your wardrobe. Our favourite pick? Check out the Malaga Playsuit (in Terra Cotta).This fluid fit playsuit comes with drop shoulders, a v neck and a shorts division with a long zip in the back along with side pockets. It also has a stitched lining inside.


Kaftans have been traditionally worn by women in Middle Eastern countries but today, with slight modifications, this dress is loved by women across the globe because it looks elegant, regal, and beautiful. Over the years, due to numerous innovative designs and variations like multicolored prints, floral patterns, and ornate designs, Kaftan dresses have evolved a lot. Modern day Kaftans are the most sought-after organic clothing piece. Women can make the kaftan look even better if they know how to style it in fashion and as per their comfort. Need ideas? Try out the Dubai Kaftan, the neo-classic kaftan in midi length is made with organic linen.


A bandeau is a strapless strip of comfy, flexible fabric with a thick band on top and bottom for better hold. These also come with thin straps to give you a subtle look. At SAND by Shirin, you will find some amazing Bandeaus which you can pair with comfy pants.

Looking for a handcrafted bandeau? Try out the Tunisia Bandeau (in Soft Blue). Made with lustering soft blue and ivory glass beads, this fully embroidered handmade bandeau takes up to 24 man-hours to get made.


Overlay is a versatile garment that has been slowly gaining popularity and has become a trend. We are in love with this jacket-style dress. It is easy to recreate expensive outfits if you know how to team up an overlay with a variety of outfits. With countless styles and designs, overlays are the perfect choice for any season and any occasion. When styled correctly, overlays are a perfect organic clothing option that can spice up your style quotient. That is why at SAND by Shirin,' we offer some stunning overlays to style your outfit. That’s all folks! Hope you liked these organic clothing pieces. Other than the above mentioned, you can also go for the capri dress, Comfy pants, or other natural dress options.

December 21, 2022 — ajay thakur