1. Janvi's Airport: Cape Town Bandeau, Pants & Underlay

Janvi's look for the airport shows an element of classiness while her choice of Cape Town Bandeau, alongside dusty pink pants and Overlay, complements well with it. To be honest, I have to admit that this outfit fits me like a glove as long as I’m flying a thousand miles away or I am traveling for a short while. To reproduce Janvi’s style, choose pastel colors with loose silhouettes, which do not restrict the target during travel.

2. Tara Sutaria's Chic Cape Town Set

Tara Sutaria never fails in her airport style, as the airport look she wore on Cape Town Sets has proved to be a sheer class, and many of her airport looks have made our hearts skip a beat. This polyphonic combination demonstrates this sense of elegance and this results in full relaxation during the journey. Having a multi-functional tone, Tara’s Cape Town set can conveniently intermix from the journey period with airports right to city adventures or to billowy and simple outings. Besides, it is advised to try and include similar items in your packing list which will give you that eyeful polished look.

3. Anushka Sharma's Effortless 'Malta' Top & Pants Combo

One of Anushka Sharma’s airport outfits with Malta's trendy Top & Pants exudes an enviable understated elegance. The baggy cut and way-out design of this outfit combine to make it a favorite option for travelers who care about comfort and style. See Anushka's chic nomadic style as inspiration for your next travel trip by choosing easy-to-wear fabrics in timeless and simple with malta looks but balanced separates.

4. Navya Nanda's Tokyo Overlay Dress

Airports have got their own show and Navya Nanda taking the hot seat today looks stunning in the Tokyo Overlay Dress in natural tones that oozes travel glamour without her breathing a single word. The low-profile shadow styling of this shoe coupled with neutral colors in the pallet make it perfect when traveling. Take your in-trip closet to the next level with some smart basics, like, for example, one of Navya's dresses from the Tokyo Overlay collection, which lets you stay both beautiful and comfortable on your trips.


Being admired has lifted the look of celebrities to greater heights where fashion items are used as fashion accessories asserting style and comfort for the fans who wish to mimic those styles. From Janvi's stylish Cape Town Bandeau that inspired the ensemble to Tara Sutaria's luxurious Cape Town Set, Anushka Sharma's simplistic 'Malta' Top & Pants collection, to Navya Nanda's sexy Tokyo Overlay Dress, celeb vacation wear is a big influencer of fashion in packing for any holiday or travel. The glamorization of celebrities conspicuously almost always in fashionable airport outfits has not only brought up a new standard for travel attire but has also emboldened the Gen travel world to show off their confidence and flair. These thanks is somewhat the result of celebrities dressing according to their fancy; simply by doing this, by choosing an appropriate outfit, everybody can now likewise gracefully and confidently dress for their journey, thus making sure that the trip starts with a touch of glamour and elegance.

April 19, 2024 — Alok Tiwari